When You Have Used Semi Trucks For Sale, Remarketing Can Get You Top Dollar

When you have company owned vehicles that need to be sold, your initial thought is probably that you don’t want to be bothered by the hassle of trying to sell it. Who wants to wade through the paperwork, recondition the truck and take care of the many details? That’s why a better alternative may be putting your used semi truck for sale through a third party that is experienced at selling late model vehicles like yours.

What Is Remarketing?

It is simply the process of using a third party who will put a semi truck for sale using their own website and marketing budget to work in order to sell your vehicles. There are some great advantages to remarketing your vehicles, including the appeal of letting someone else handle the details for you, freeing your own time up for more important issues, like running your business. A remarketer will remove any identifiers such as company logos from your vehicles, recondition and fully detail them, and take care of paperwork such as title transfers, taxes and licensing. They handle everything from putting a price tag on it to completing the deal and sending you the profits.

Paying For Remarketing When You Have Used Semi Trucks For Sale

If a third party, such as a used truck dealer, is doing the selling for you, there are several ways to pay them. You can give them a percentage of the final price, a consignment fee or a flat amount depending upon your needs and current cash flow. In return, the dealers will often offer you a minimum price guarantee that ensures you won’t lose money on the transaction.

What Are The Advantages?

We’ve already mentioned that remarketing takes the burden of advertising, preparation and marketing of your vehicles off of your shoulders, but there’s more to it than that. With a variety of options available, including in-house financing for used semi trucks for sale, the dealer can reach a far wider range of potential customers. With financing, you get your cash right up front while the finance company takes on the risk.

No Up Front Costs

Because the dealership does all of the detailing, cleaning and prepping, as well as painting or other work that needs to be done, you don’t have to put cash up front before you slap a sign on the window. Most companies that offer remarketing do so because they know they can quickly and efficiently put used semi trucks for sale for top dollar and get plenty of interest. Their truck lots are generally centrally located with great access to major highways, giving them plenty of traffic from drivers and fleet owners every day of the week. They also have national, and in some cases international, exposure via the Internet that works to your advantage.

If you’re ready to put a used semi truck for sale but aren’t sure who to turn to for remarketing, look for a third party that specializes in used vehicles and has a long track record of profitably closing deals for others who had used semi trucks for sale. You’ll love getting the profit without doing all of the tedious work!